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Head of School’s Message


Every path to success - whether it's success in school, in a career, or in participating as a citizen - is deeply rooted in robust literacy.  The core skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking are the skills that prepare people - students and adults alike - to engage in the world around them and to learn how to acquire and wrestle with knowledge on their own.


And that's why, through rigorous academics and the development of active citizenship, Summit Preparatory Charter School educates fourth through eighth grade students for success in the most selective high schools and colleges.


That path to success is a long but rewarding one.  Since Summit Prep's opening day, our students' reading proficiency has advanced at twice the rate of the time passed - in four months, ours students' reading levels have grown eight months.  Some of our students have now read so many books that we have had to order new ones just to keep up with their voracious reading appetites!  In math, students, aren't just learning how to solve computations, but to critically analyze their answers and discuss different solutions to problems.  And when students increase their science literacy by learning about the water cycle by directly observing evaporation, condensation, and precipitation of steam, they gain an insight into how the world works around them.  On this path, we are preparing students to add to their own knowledge and to add to our collective knowledge by asking and answering the right questions.


So join us on this path, and rise to the top of the Summit.




Arianna Haut

Head of School