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Summit Preparatory Charter School is committed to providing students in grades 4-8 with an excellent education that prepares them to succeed in high school and college.  Your contributions of any size help us to fulfill this mission for the students of South Los Angeles.  
How do your contributions support Summit Prep?
  • $25 can provide uniform shirts for two students.
  • $50 can provide a student's educational materials for the entire school year.
  • $100 can provide ten hands-on dissection kits for science class.
  • $250 can provide a set of novels for a fourth grade class.
  • $500 can provide field trip transportation to a local museum.
  • $1000 can provide four new laptops for a fifth grade classroom.
  • $1500 can provide math manipulatives for the entire fourth and fifth grade.
How to donate
Donations can be made to Summit Preparatory Charter School through an online donation form or checks. 
Checks may made out to Building Excellent Schools, with "Summit Prep" in the memo line, and should be mailed to:
Building Excellent Schools
31 Milk Street
Boston, MA 02109
Donations of any type are always welcome.  To discuss donations of supplies, furniture, books, or other instructional resources, please contact Arianna Haut at or (323) 642-8806.
Your gifts to Summit Prep are tax-deductible.  Thank you for supporting the students of South Los Angeles!